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CiS Southampton (formerly Central South) is a group aimed at people in and around the Southampton area who are interested in discussing the relationship between science and Christianity. If you would like to get involved please email Peter May (,

About CiS Southampton:

We were one of the first CiS local groups and have been running public lectures at the University of Southampton since 2006. A list of all our previous events can be found below, whilst recordings or slides of most lectures (including some mp4 videos) can be found by clicking here.

Upcoming Events:

Postponed to the next academic year – Student event
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Why Science Needs God
Thursday 26 April 2018
Professor Tom McLeish
Start: 19:30
Venue: Lecture Theatre A, Building 46, University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

Why is it that science has thrived wherever the Christian faith can be found? Why is it that so many great scientists attribute some of their motivation to their Christian beliefs? Why are the writings of the Bible so full of questions about natural phenomena? In this lecture Prof. McLeish will show that a Christian worldview has been intimately involved with some of the biggest leaps forward ever made and will claim that the biblical God loves Science, and Science truly needs God.

Tom McLeish is Professor of Natural Philosophy at York University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and was ProVice-Chancellor for Research at Durham University from 2008-2014, where he was Professor of Physics. He is a theoretical physicist who studies polymers and the physics of biological systems. He is also interested in issues of theology, ethics and the history of science. His books include Faith and Wisdom in Science and Let There Be Science: Why God loves science, and science needs God.

The talk is free to attend, and there will be a bookstall


Previous Events:

For recordings or slides of most of the CiS Southampton lectures please click here

2018 – Frontiers in Science and Society: Christian Perspectives – one day conference
Prof Neil Messer – Bioethics and cognitive enhancement
Prof John Bryant – Bioethics and genetic modification
Prof Meric Srokosz – Oceans and climate change
Dr Hilary Marlow – Theology of Creation Care
Prof Keith Fox – Human genes and gene editing

2017 – Dr Jennifer Wiseman – A curiously abundant universe: Stars, Planets, Life and Purpose
2017 – Prof John Lennox – God and Stephen Hawking: whose design is it anyway?
2016 – Prof John Wyatt – Being Human in an age of Intelligent Machines
2016 – Dr Graeme Finlay – Human Genetics and the Image of God
2016 – Prof Glyn Harrison – Highfield Lecture: The Big Ego Trip
2016 – Prof. Sir Colin Humphreys – Can a Scientist believe in Miracles?
2015 – Prof. Ard Louis – God, Science and Evidence: Engaging with ultimate questions
2014 – Rev. Dr. Ernest Lucas – Can we believe Genesis today?
2014 – Prof. John Bryant – DNA: from designer babies to databases.
2013 – Science and Faith: An Introduction. 1 day course in conjunction with the Faraday Institute, Cambridge
2013 – Prof. Andrew Sims – Is Faith Good for Health?
2013 – Dr. Allan Chapman – Slaying the Dragons: Destroying the myths in the history of science and faith
2012 – Prof. John Wyatt – Matters of Life and Death
2012 – Prof. Bill Newsome – Neurons and Persons: Brain, God and the Mind
2011 – Rev. Dr. Rodney Holder – God and the Multiverse
2011 – Prof. Mike Clifford – Engineering Solutions in a Suffering World
2011 – Prof. Bob White FRS – Natural Disasters
2010 – Dr. James May – Complementary Medicine
2009 – Dr. David Wilkinson – God, Time & Eternity
2009 – Peter S. Williams – A Sceptics Guide to Atheism
2009 – Dr. Denis Alexander – Creation or Evolution?
2008 – Prof. Colin Russell – Science and Faith at War
2008 – Dr. John Lennox – God’s Undertaker
2007 – Sir John Houghton FRS – Global Warming
2007 – Dr.’s Peter May & Seyi Hotonu – Contraception & the Start of Life Debate
2007 – Sir John Polkinghorne FRS – Cosmology and God
2007 – Prof. John Bryant – Moral Mazes in Bioethics
2006 – Prof. Alister McGrath – Dawkins’ God
2006 – Prof. Keith Fox & Peter S. Williams – Debate on Intelligent Design
2006 – Dr. Denis Alexander – Beyond Belief