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If you would like information about science – faith happenings in the south west, please e-mail Prof David Huntley on

Our new student group at Plymouth University has had three successful meetings and is now planning for the next academic year. Please contact KT at for more information.

Upcoming events:

God in the Lab: When curiosity leads to wonder, awe, and the big questions of life
Friday 24th March – 1pm
Dr Ruth Bancewicz is a Senior Research Associate at The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge and has written extensively on the fascinating subject of how awe and wonder can bring science and Christianity together.

The location: Stonehouse LT, Portland Square, Plymouth University. Please do bring your lunch to the meeting if you wish!

2017-03-god-in-the-labEvery scientist feels a sense of awe and wonder from time to time in their work, and different people react to those experiences in very different ways. For Christians, these mountain-top moments feed into their worship of God. They don’t find proof of his existence, but what they see in the world resonates with their beliefs, turns their attention to the character of God, and reminds them that the world has been made for a purpose.

This lecture will go beyond the usual debates about science and religion, drawing on the work of successful scientists who are also people of faith. Dr Bancewicz will focus on celebrating the discoveries of science, appreciating the intricacies and fruitfulness of the living world, and sharing how these discoveries can hint at questions of meaning that go beyond science.


‘My Science, My Faith’
Thursday 30th March – 7.30pm
CiS South West in conjunction with a Scientists in Congregations project have an event in Exeter Cathedral. It will be in the form of a panel discussion. The Chair of the panel will be Dr Cheryl Hunt from the Theology Department, Exeter University and the panel members will be Dr Nick Higgs from the Plymouth University Marine Institute, Dr Rhoda Hawkins, a biophysicist from the University of Sheffield, Dr Chris Southgate, a biologist and theologian from University of Exeter, Dr Graham Swinerd, an astronomer and space engineer from the University of Southampton and Rob Varley, the CEO of the Met. Office. It promises to be an informative and highly interesting event so I hope you will be able to attend.

This event is one of several Scientists in Congregations events being organised in Exeter during March and details of all of the events can be found on the web site at


Previous events:

Are we slaves to our genes? A scientific and Christian perspective.
Dr Denis Alexander
November 2016

Science and Faith: a marriage made in heaven.
Prof. John Spicer
March 2016

Who is to blame? Disasters, nature and acts of God.
Prof Bob White
December 2015

Convincing the Christian World about Climate change and Evolution
Prof Sir Ghillean Prance
March 2015

Confessions of a Stem Cell Scientist
Dr Jon Dawson
February 2014

Symposium on Assisted Dying
Prof John Bryant and Dr Jeff Stephenson
Chaired by the Bishop of Exeter, Rt Revd Michael Langrish
February 2013

John Bryant’s slides can be downloaded here (1.7 MB)
A transcript of Jeff’s talk can be downloaded here (78 KB)