CiS Ireland brings together those with an interest in science and faith on the island of Ireland. We hold regular meetings, including the God and Science Lectures in various locations in Ireland and our meetings are open to all who have a genuine interest in science-faith issues. For further details please see our website www.cis.org.uk/ireland.

Upcoming Events


Previous Events

“New perspectives on Genesis 1”
Dr T. Desmond Alexander  (Biblical Studies Department, Union Theological College, Belfast)
December, 2015

“An Introduction to Test of Faith, a Teaching Resource on Faith and Science”
Dr. Ruth Hogg  (School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Science, Queen’s University Belfast)
November, 2015

“Mathematics and God: Beauty, Truth, and the Square Root of 666”
Dr. Mark McCartney  (School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Ulster)
October, 2015