Christians in Science


The Edinburgh group is a mix of scientists and interested non-scientists from many different disciplines and backgrounds. If you would like to be added to the mailing list or be more involved with the group please contact Gavin Merrifield.

Edinburgh is fortunate to be blessed with many other events and local organisations that discuss aspects of the science-faith conversation and details of these events are circulated around a local mailing list, along with local and national CiS events and news.

Previous Events:

Science and Religion – Where Next? 
Revd Canon Dr Michael Fuller
March 2013

How  Best Can We Talk About Modern Science In The 21 Century Local Church-

An Exploration Of The Issues
Andrew Wright
May 2012

Science and Religion: Friend or Foes?
Rev. Dr. Rodney Holder
March 2012

Hosts of the Christians in Science Northern Conference 2011, ‘All God’s Creatures’
March 2011
Conference Page

Royal Observatory of Edinburgh Tour, January 2011

Hosts of Christians in Science Northern Conference 2010,
‘Giving an Answer: Living Faith in a World of Science’ 

March 2010
Conference Page

The Test of Faith course
14th October 2009 – Part 1
18th November 2009 – Part 2
15th December 2009 – Part 3
For more details of the course please visit the Test of Faith Website

The Nature of Science and Creativity, 14th September 2009
Eric Priest will be gave a talk about his career, science and his experiences with working at the interface of science and religion.

What does it mean to be human?, 23rd February 2009
An evening of short presentations and debate on aspects and ideas on the nature of humanity drawn from theological and scientific contexts.

Bioethics a Conversational Introduction, 18th Thursday December 2008.
Professor Hugh McLachlan, Professor of Applied Philosophy, Glasgow Caledonian University.
Dr Calum MacKellar, Director of Research, Scottish Council on Human Bioethics, formerly employed within the Bioethics Division of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.
Dr Donald Bruce, Director of Edinethics Ltd. (ethics in science and technology), formerly director of the Society, Religion and Technology Project of the Church of Scotland.