Christians in Science


Click here for details of upcoming events. A new local group is running in Dundee in conjunction with the projects of Scientists in Congregations, Scotland.

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Upcoming Events:-

Monday 5th March 2018
Truth and Myth about Darwinism and Christianity
Speaker: Professor John Hedley Brooke
Main Physics Lecture Theatre,  University of St Andrews


Previous talks:-

October 2017
What Do Scientists Think about Religion?
Elaine Howard Ecklund

May 2017
Reflections on Christian-Muslim Relations
Prof Mona Siddiqui

February 2017
The Emergence of Life
Prof. Simon Conway Morris FRS

April, 2016
Universe of Wonder, Universe of Life
Dr Jennifer Wiseman Senior Physicist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

March, 2016
Science and Faith: Conflict or Mutual Enrichment

Alister McGrath