Christians in Science


Click here for details of upcoming events. A new local group is running in Dundee in conjunction with the projects of Scientists in Congregations, Scotland.

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Upcoming Events:-

Monday 27 February 2017
The Emergence of Life
Prof. Simon Conway Morris FRS
17:15 Main Physics Lecture Theatre,  University of St Andrews

Simon Conway Morris FRS is an English palaeontologist who is best known for his detailed and careful study of fossils of the Burgess Shale and of the scientific concept of Cambrian explosion. Conway Morris is most popularly know for his theistic views of biological evolution. He has held the Chair of Evolutionary Palaeobiology in the Earth Sciences Department at Cambridge University since 1995.

Previous talks:-

April, 2016
Universe of Wonder, Universe of Life
Speaker: Dr Jennifer Wiseman Senior Physicist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

March, 2016
Science and Faith: Conflict or Mutual Enrichment

Speaker: Alister McGrath