Christians in Science


Are you interested in being involved in a local CiS group in Cambridge? A few people have expressed interest in having the activities of CiS in Cambridge restarted, and would be interested to hear from any others who would be keen to be involved, especially anyone who might be able to take a lead in that. If you’re at all interested in being involved or taking a lead in this please contact the Development Officer, Emily, on, who can put you in touch with other local people.

Upcoming talks

Wednesday 16th May
Science and the Reliability of the Bible
Speaker: Prof Sir Colin Humphreys. Christianity and Judaism claim to have their roots in history, but are the biblical records reliable? This talk will examine the scientific and other evidence in three challenging case studies: the story of Joseph (in Genesis), the sun standing still (in Joshua) and the Star of Bethlehem (in Matthew).
Start at 5:30pm
Venue: McCrum Theatre, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge CB2 1RH



Previous talks

Feb 2018
God, AI and humans – could robots replace humans made in the image of God?
Speakers: Prof. John Wyatt and Prof. Peter Robinson

February, 2016
How we are made: Embryos, Biology and Belief
Speaker: Prof. Jeff Hardin


Details of upcoming events and recordings of previous events can be found here.

Recordings, transcripts and handouts of the CiS – St Edmunds Cambridge lectures can be found here.