Bristol CiS is a local group aimed at people in and around the Bristol area who are interested in discussing the relationship between science and faith. Click here for details of upcoming events, or email  Christina Biggs on cmbbiggs@googlemail.com for more information.

Upcoming talks:

Friday 13th June, 2014 – Dr Stuart Judge: What can neuroscience tell us about free will?
Event details here

Previous talks:

November 2009 –  Professor Andrew Halestrap, Professor of Biochemistry at Bristol University: “Science, Suffering and the Love of God” (attendance 40)

March 2010 – Revd Dr Ernest Lucas, Vice-President, Bristol Baptist College: “Are Evolution and Genesis 1-3 compatible?” (attendance 93)

June 2010 – Dr Jonathan Doye, Lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry, Oxford and Fellow of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion: “Chance, Providence and Free Will” (attendance 53)

October 2010 – Professor Ross McKenzie, Department of Physics, University of Queensland, Australia: “Emergence” (attendance 30)

November 2010 – Professor John Bryant, Professor Emeritus of Cell and Molecular Biology, Exeter University: “Synthia – synthetic life or cells and spin?” (attendance 51)

February 2011 – Dr Ard Louis, Department of Physics, University of Oxford: “Self-assembly and evolution: models, metaphors and meaning” (attendance 51)

May 2011 – Dr Rodney Holder, Faraday Institute: “God and the Multiverse – A Response to Stephen Hawking” (attendance 78)

October 2011 – Dr Rhoda Hawkins, University of Sheffield:  “Necessary evils? From forest fires to disease” (attendance 83)

February 2012 – Prof Bob Whilte FRS, University of Cambridge: “Natural Disasters: Acts of God? A Christian geophysict’s perspective”

March 2012 – Dr Denis Alexander, The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion: “Human Evolution, Adam and Eve Genetics and the Bible”

May 2012 – Dr John Bimson, Trinity College Bristol: “Thinking Through the Fall”

October 2012 - Dr Kate Distin, Is religion a virus of the mind? A response to the New Atheists

February 2013 – Rev Dr Justin Tomkins, Better People or Enhanced Humans?

June 2013 – Prof John Wyatt, Beginning Life in a Brave New World

October 2013 – Professor Andrew Sims: Is Faith Delusion? Why Religion is good for your Health (attendance 91)

March, 2014 – Dr Eric Alborne: Science Education – a most Christian calling. (attendance 24)


For those of you who could not attend, there is a recording of all of these talks except the first, kindly put together by Dr Roger Tucker on his website www.outsideecho.com: follow the link to CiS Bristol. Although you will need to download Roger’s own program Notetaker, this is well worth the effort since not only will you be able to listen to the audio in identifiable chunks (thus obviating the need for listening all the way through just for one section), but also Roger has spliced the audio together with the actual Powerpoint slides. It makes for a complete experience! For those of you who wish to listen to it as a whole you can also download an iTunes file.

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