Christians in Science

Birmingham (West Midlands)

The Birmingham local group is run by students from the University of Birmingham. We meet on campus once a month to equip, encourage and pray for one another and to pray for our campus.

We also hold fortnightly meetings in the Bratby Bar (Staff House) on campus, open to everyone. This is a great opportunity to informally discuss ‘science and faith’ issues and also to invite housemates and coursemates. Everyone is welcome, irrespective of subject studied!

Furthermore, we put on speaker events once a term, with a guest lecturer; which are open to people from all over the West Midlands.

For more information, or how to find us, email us at:, or check out our Facebook group for details of upcoming events:

Upcoming Events:



Previous Events:

March 2016
Is Faith Delusion?

Speaker:  Prof Andrew Sims

January 2016
Being a Christian in Science
A group of students are meeting to have a relaxed chat about the topic.

Can Christianity help Science to improve the world?
February 2015 – a discussion in conjunction with UB:ASH (University of Birmingham atheist, secularist and humanist society), with Peter Atkins and Andrew Steane.
Listen to the audio here

Science and Faith: Conflict or Harmony?
SpeakerMichael Poole
January, 2014
Listen to the audio here.

Science and Religion: are we playing God? 
November 2013

Science and Christiantity: the view inwards, upwards and outwards
March 2013

Does Evolution Contradict Genesis?
Rev Dr Ernest Lucas, former vice principal, Bristol Baptist College
February 2013
Listen to the recording of the event here

The Truth Behind Secular Mythology About Christianity and Science.
Dr Allan Chapman, Oxford University
January 2013 

Has Science Buried God?
Speaker: Dr Denis Alexander, The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion
October 2012
Listen to a recording of the event here