Does reality have a liberal bias?
  • SimonSimon October 2011
    Fascinating article in Christianity Today. Apparently "reading the bible turns you liberal":


    My only criticism is that the words "liberal" and "conservative" have been completely misappropriated by contemporary US culture to the point that they are almost unusable!
  • Rene October 2011
    Well, the author does explain it. Liberal on things like social justice, fighting terrorism etc, but not on things like abortion or homosexual marriage. Of course, they only have two flavors in the US, which affects the use of the terms liberal and conservative. You got three in the UK, but in Holland we have over ten parties in Parliament, including one for the animals. And one time we even had a left wing evangelical party. Must have been avid Bible readers.
  • SimonSimon October 2011
    The thing that always confuses me is how political conservatives are liberal in economics, whilst political liberals are precisely the opposite - conservative in economics! Makes me think that the words "liberal" and "conservative" should only be used if the context is specifically stated.

    I also wonder how much the polarised American Democrats vs Republicans situation bleeds into other subjects - Americans seem famously to be rather black or white about many things!