Space Power Generators
  • ItsGodsDominion December 2012
    Hi I'm Christian and I love God and Science as he created all. I'm hear to try and find other Christians to talk about Space Power Generators (spg's) and hopefully find like minded people to set up a non profit organization to make them a rerality. If you have not heard about them you can find details at tewari.org and more info at rexresearch.com. These generators produce more electricity than is put in (x3) and would end all energy issues the world has if they would be taken seriously. India has made the patents of early functioning designs free for the world. Let's get the governments of the world known to this technology if they do not already know. I have made a petition at epetitions.direct.gov.uk space power generators you can do google search to easily find it and please please sign.  Hope you take notice because I have had poor response so far when trying to contact organizations like the ecologist etc.. let me know what you think 
  • exchemist December 2012
    I'm not surprised you've had poor response. I've been on the tewari site. This is clearly some kind of perpetual motion machine, generating more energy than is input, thus violating the laws of thermodynamics.
    This is a site for people who are educated in science. You cannot expect to get a sympathetic hearing here. 

    And I doubt what you say about patents. Can you quote a patent number, or an application number? I trained as a patent lawyer and I can tell you that perpetual motion machines automatically get the bum's rush from the Patent Office, certainly in the UK.