• PeterHicPeterHic September 2012

    Hi. Just joined.

    Married with three adult offspring, two still at home. Moved to SW Scotland from Hertfordshire seven years ago to 'semi-retire'. Still working as a freelance medical practitioner and hobby farmer.
    Born into Christian family. YEC for many years, until I moved on to OEC and ID about ten years ago. Finally found TE, where I feel most at home. Whilst trained primarily in medicine, regularly read both Christian and secular literature about the science/faith interface.
    Have found membership of ASA and Biologos very helpful.
  • SimonSimon September 2012
    Hi there and welcome. This forum is generally rather quiet until someone stirs up a hornets nest and then it gets busy for a while!

    Glad to see someone else who has travelled the gamut from YEC through to TE.