C4ID conference
  • SimonSimon August 2012
    So I am on the "Centre for Intelligent Design" mailing list just to keep an eye on what they are up to, and have noticed over recent weeks that they seem to be getting more and more extreme. I think this is probably a good thing as the increasing level of rhetoric and misrepresentation on their webpages is probably getting to the point that even "neutral" readers will start to think that something is up and that these people are not quite as respectable as they try to suggest. Most noticeable is the increasing "conspiracy theory" feel to their articles along with inaccurate rhetoric such as the statement: "the all-pervasive Darwinian worldview that we are here as the result of blind and purposeless forces" which is confused on so many levels! I also chuckled at the bio for one of their speakers whose "work has been reviewed in Nature" - clutching at straws for respectability!
  • exchemist August 2012
    This would be the bloke with the degree in Chemical Engineering, I take it, rather than the mathematician. 

  • Michael August 2012
    Did anyone see Lennox's article in the Times on 18 August. He effectively destroyed C4ID's position. More to come.
  • exchemist August 2012
    I missed this and unfortunately the Times lives behind a paywall so it can't be retrieved after the event. I'd be very interested in a synopsis if you have one. 

    In the clip of one of his talks, which C4ID has helpfully included on their website, you can see him draw an analogy between a genome and the characters used in human script (which, he points out, were invented by intelligent creatures). However the clip wasn't long enough to make clear exactly where he was taking this.   
  • exchemist August 2012
    Aha, many thanks Anthony. 

    Michael I assume it's the 4th para of this article you have in mind?

    Certainly there's nothing in this article I could disagree with - and I do like the quotation from James Clerk Maxwell over the door of the Cavendish. 

    But now I'm intrigued to see by what subtlety he compares (in the C4ID video clip) the genome with an [intelligently designed] human script, without ascribing supernatural intervention. Perhaps, though, that's his point: that the natural workings of the world are able to generate genomes, is evidence in itself of a divine order in creation. If so, this C4ID conference may lurch off in a direction unexpected by the organisers, but a great service will have been done for the participants.  
  • exchemist September 2012
    I've just had a look at the C4ID website to see how their conference is going. They say it's now nearly full. I wonder how many will attend and what sort of people they will be. One clue may that they say that return travel to GLASGOW has been arranged for those who may be interested. Being throughly cynical about ID, I have to confess the thought crossed my mind that perhaps the organiser might have had to "bus" in a coachload of creationists from his local church. Alternatively I suppose it may simply reflect the greater appeal of creationism among Calvinists north of the border. 

  • GavinM October 2012
    I dunno, there's been a recent upsurge in YEC efforts here in Edinburgh mostly from the recent launch of some pretty black/white-type Bible school and a number of churches in the area buying into it. On the other hand though there was a program of very thoughtful science/religion/philosophy events organised by one of the local churches that was very well attended. People (including some pastors) have also begun standing up to and questioning a trend that has seen the local creationist group bolted onto several other very worthwhile Christian social organisations and campaigns.

    Its not all doom and gloom up here! :)