Religiosity in Europe

  • Volunteers are
    needed to promote understanding of religion in today’s multicultural Britain and could win 50 pounds!

    at the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford, are seeking participants for a
    study investigating religion in Europe. The purpose of this purely scientific – and
    anonymous – research is to examine attitudes in multi-religious societies.

    The study
    involves taking a 5-minute online survey, which is completely anonymous and
    confidential. It can be found under the following link:


    are invited to take part in a prize draw as a reward for their time.

    If you are
    interested in participating in this research and/or would like further
    information, please contact Catherine Whittaker (catherine.whittaker@wolfson.ox.ac.uk).
    This research is part of a M.Sc. thesis under the supervision of Dr Oliver

  • exchemist August 2012
    Hi Catherine, I've done your survey and look forward some time to reading about the results. 

    By the way, I confess I was a bit put off by your title "Religiosity in Europe".  To me, "religiosity" has negative connotations of excessive, perhaps mawkish, display of religious feeling. I see this is only one of two meanings of the word in the OED, but in my experience at least this is its usual sense in common parlance. But perhaps that is just a reflection of the circles I move in!