i-phone philosophy with apologies to androids
  • Hi, I watched the new day begin and chanced upon an epistemological thread concerning miracles, faith, science and so on. It was curiosity about Nicky Campbell's epistemological position that got me there. Such is the potential serendipity of the web I suppose. I will see whether I have a penn' orth or two to toss into intelligent discussion. I will probably also spend some idle moments trying to emulate Hockney's achievements using I-phone Brushes and sneaking on to the iPad I've just bought my wife to use the iPad version of Brushes. Perhaps I should ponder whether my "creations" are the product of chance and necessity or evidence of conscious intent with rudimentary capability. Not wanting to start a thread, I will maybe try and tune in to signals suggesting intelligent life in cyberspace and this may be a good place to start.
  • exchemist May 2012
    Hello Jeremy, I've only just noticed your arrival, as the thingie that shows the date of the last update to a thread did not seem to show the date of your new posting. I've noticed this before, from time to time. Not sure whether this is a glitch or just my misunderstanding of how it is supposed to work. I'll await your contributions with interest, be they in words or pictures.

  • SimonSimon May 2012
    Hi exchemist,

    If you click on the "Discussions" link at the top of the page it should show a little yellow new post emblem next to all the threads that have been updated. Also the most recently updated thread jumps to the top unless a moderator decides to use the "sink" option to quietly drop unhelpful threads off the bottom of the list (although to my knowledge this has only ever been used once on this forum!).