Dawkins vs Giles Fraser on Radio 4
  • SimonSimon February 2012
    I heard this yesterday morning and was much amused. Giles Fraser is as thoughtful as Dawkins isn't and managed to get him with his own rhetoric!

  • exchemist March 2012
    Yes, it was rather funny. But I think the most interesting thing from Dawkins recently has been his admission, during the debate he had with Rowan Williams, that he now describes himself as strictly speaking agnostic (though 99.9% sure God doesn't exist). It would appear that Williams, or someone, has finally got through to him that science can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God. That I think is real progress. 

    To avoid head-on confrontations between science and religion, it will helpful to be able to point out that Dawkins himself acknowledges the question is outside the remit of science.  Quite a few people who haven't really thought about it assume one has to be an atheist in order to be a scientist - and up to now this has been the line Dawkins has been promoting. Perhaps he's mellowing with age.