• GavinM December 2011
    As Simon suggests a brief intro..

    I studied astrophysics as an undergraduate and followed that up with a postgrad year in photonics and optoelectronics. After this I joined a new biomedical MRI facility here at the University of Edinburgh where I spent five years providing physics support to biologists and medical researchers involved in preclinical research in rodent models. Just over a year ago a PhD opportunity came up to research functional MRI techniques in my lab which is where I am now. I also dabble in studying spider physiology and behaviour in my spare time.

    From a science/religion perspective I am most interested in the impact of potential new discoveries and technologies on Christian theology, particularly in the neurosciences and exobiology. I am also enthusiastic about engaging the general church congregation in matters of science and faith.
  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith December 2011
    Thanks for sharing, Gavin. At some point I'll make a discussion thread with my own name at the top...

    I'd hate to be a spider that you find at home in your spare time!
  • SimonSimon December 2011
    I was up at Agilent outside Oxford the other day primarily to look at their X-ray kit however they gave us a tour of all their NMR and MRI stuff which was very cool. I loved the magnets that were the size of a minivan with a tiny tube down the middle to cram a mouse for the really high res 3D stuff! Is this the sort of stuff you do Gavin?
  • GavinM December 2011
    A: Finding a spider in the bathroom sink at home is always a good way to start my day! My flatmate is somewhat less enthusiastic.

    S: Yes, indeed it is! In fact Agilent are the industrial partners/sponsors for my PhD.