Uncommon descent blog
  • SimonSimon November 2011
    Seeing as I have now found fame by being quoted on the uncommon descent blog I had a brief look around their site. I have come across it before - a good few years back - but had forgotten quite how vitriolic and inbred the site is. A bit of me is amazed that Christians can write like that, but then again I guess Christians also managed the crusades...

    I wonder why this topic evokes such strong feelings?
  • GavinM November 2011
    I would guess it is different for different folk.

    People in the pew as it were who I have spoken to seem most concerned that evolution means they are just an accident and not special in God's site or that evolution somehow means that Christ didn't need to come and save us so therefore to accept evolution is to undermine Christianity and thus to be rejected. Unfortunately very strongly so in some cases, but fortunately not in all.

    From a personal perspective waaaaaay back in the day when I rejected evolution it was mostly because I had swallowed the line of Christianity is undermined by evolution and thus I never even bothered to look into the evidence for evolution nor consider how Christianity and evolution can co-exist side by side. This is despite having examples of evolution-accepting scientists who were Christian as family friends and later lecturers at university. Frankly I didn't want to consider they might have a valid way of looking at things because I was so certain they were wrong.
  • Michael November 2011

    I can't stand the blog Uncommon Descent, but if I make any pertinent comments I will be accused of ad hominems and personal attacks.


    I will go for a bike ride instead