London Conference 2011
  • SimonSimon November 2011
    Rather enjoyed the London conference this year, especially as the talks seemed more accessible than usual!

    I was, however, slightly puzzled by Bob White and John Bimson's objection to Polkinghorne's "Open theism", especially the chess game analogy - an analogy that I rather like. Their objection (in the panel discussion) seemed mostly based upon it being unhelpful pastorally, but I can't quite see why this must be so. Surely knowing that we both have free will - and God is always in control - is comforting?
  • GavinM November 2011
    Yes, the conference was good. I also found the talks more engaging than I initially thought I would. The guy with the roving mic did a good job as well! *tips hat*

    I missed the chess game analogy but I could see there point about it perhaps not being pastorally sensitive to suggest open-ness and free will as comforts to distressed individuals in times of personal anguish. If it were me I'd want to be reminded of that but placed into a broader context of God's ultimate faithfulness and care. For others though who have received a more 'Calvinistic' form of Christianity (predestination et al) I can see how it might not be a help to them. Maybe in such a case a shared companionable silence is the best and most honest comfort that one could give.