William Lane Craig at Manchester
  • Michael October 2011
    Stephen Carr was on the CIS list serve some years back.
  • stevencarrwork October 2011
    'Similarly if you sunk to your knees in despair and started praying...'

    Why not have a mass, instead of praying? It worked (IIRC) in Father Ted when that milk float started speeding away.

    Nothing fails like prayer.
  • stevencarrwork October 2011
    The big mistake of modernity was to think that the scientific method was the only way for legitimately obtaining knowledge.

    Religion is not a way of legitimately obtaining knowledge.

    Nor is astrology or Tarot cards.

    After all, according to leading Christian apologists, religious scholars cannot even say whether or not there was an empty tomb that used to contain the corpse of Jesus.
  • SimonSimon October 2011
    You see Steven this is the reason why "New Atheist" argument are embarrassing to philosophers. Here's my counter argument:

    Premise 1 - anything that evolves has been selected for (assuming natural selection).

    Premise 2 - religious behaviour has evolved and is wide-spread across humanity in both space and time.

    Conclusion - therefore there is a positive selection pressure for religious behaviour.

    If there is a positive selection pressure for religion, then it must represent some form of "legitimately obtaining knowledge"!

    So how about stop spouting all this Dawkinesque sound-bite rubbish and actually engage in the discussion - to what extent can personal phenomenological experiences be trusted as a type of evidence?


    PS your comment about prayer is also equally naive. There is plenty of evidence (of the published in peer reviewed journals variety) that both prayer and religious affiliation can increase life satisfaction. Try this: