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Contrary to popular opinion I am not a cheeky two-year-old with an eye patch, although that picture does exhibit just under 50% of my genes (depending on how you count such things).

I am a scientist with a PhD in Biochemistry and a research interest in the use of protein X-ray crystallography for rational drug design. I also have a pathological interest in philosophy and whilst working as a full-time scientist have completed a BA with the Open University and am currently studying for a MA in research ethics.

I have been a Christian most of my life although have swung from the highly pentecostal/charismatic wing to a left-of-centre position, although do loosely still associate with the label 'evangelical'.

I sit on the CiS committee with a responsibility for all things web-based, however am keen to point out that the views I express on this forum (unless I state otherwise) are entirely my own.

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I've been aware of Christians in Science for several years after finding the organisation during a time of my life where asking and seeking answers to difficult questions about my faith was in sharp focus for me. I enjoyed discussions on the Christians in Science email list and attended the 2011 conference in London (I have November 2nd pencilled in my calendar for this year). I've illustrated some Surrey chapter posters in the past.

I've just had a question and thought that this forum might be a good resource for being able to discuss the sorts of issues I occasionally think about. I'm interested in seeing how the community here develops and hope that it can be thought-provoking and respectful and also provide directions for further personal research.

I'm an artist and a storyteller rather than a scientist, although I read widely enjoying and digesting books, video, radio, talks etc. some current or recent intellectual, philosophical, and theological diet has included CS Lewis, Alvin Plantinga, Denis Alexander, John Polkinghorne, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawkings, John Stott, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Rob Bell, M Scott Peck...
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Well I'm planning to have mini-Marks soon and my wife will stop working for several years and so I am planning to return to England next year to get QTS as a Secondary School Biology teacher. I'm hoping to meet and talk with some Christian Biologists (both Evolutionary and OEC/YEC), especially based in the U.K., before I commit to such a career. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

Hello everybody Tue, 18 Dec 2012 11:03:04 -0500 Crypto 65@/forum/discussions PeterHic Sun, 16 Sep 2012 19:15:28 -0400 PeterHic 63@/forum/discussions Hi. Just joined.

Married with three adult offspring, two still at home. Moved to SW Scotland from Hertfordshire seven years ago to 'semi-retire'. Still working as a freelance medical practitioner and hobby farmer.
Born into Christian family. YEC for many years, until I moved on to OEC and ID about ten years ago. Finally found TE, where I feel most at home. Whilst trained primarily in medicine, regularly read both Christian and secular literature about the science/faith interface.
Have found membership of ASA and Biologos very helpful.
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I am currently a member of the Christian Speaker Network and am on the speaker list of The Shroud of Turin Website. My website is

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I studied astrophysics as an undergraduate and followed that up with a postgrad year in photonics and optoelectronics. After this I joined a new biomedical MRI facility here at the University of Edinburgh where I spent five years providing physics support to biologists and medical researchers involved in preclinical research in rodent models. Just over a year ago a PhD opportunity came up to research functional MRI techniques in my lab which is where I am now. I also dabble in studying spider physiology and behaviour in my spare time.

From a science/religion perspective I am most interested in the impact of potential new discoveries and technologies on Christian theology, particularly in the neurosciences and exobiology. I am also enthusiastic about engaging the general church congregation in matters of science and faith.