Tyneside and Northumberland - Science and Christianity: who's got it wrong?

Bill Clegg, a research crystallographer and honorary chaplain with Newcastle University will lead discussion about the topic ‘Science and Christianity: who’s got it wrong?’


Liverpool - The God Question

The Liverpool group will resume their monthly meetings on Wednesday 29th October, exploring “The God Question” series


Sheffield - Science, Scientism and the Knowledge of God

Peter S Williams will be joining the Sheffield group on Wednesday 29th October to speak on Science, Scientism and the Knowledge of God.


Central South - Can we believe Genesis today?

The Central South group will welcome Revd Dr Ernest Lucas on 29th October to speak on the subject ‘Can we believe Genesis today?’


Norwich - Debate: The Christian Understanding of Evolution and Creation

The Revd Dr Patrick Richmond debates John Mackay on ‘The Christian understanding of evolution and creation.’


Bristol - God and the Big Bang

The Bristol group will be welcoming Dr. Peter Bussey, Emeritus reader of Physics, University of Glasgow, to speak on the topic ‘God and the Big Bang’.


Surrey - The Star of Bethlehem

Prof Sir Colin Humphreys joins the Surrey group to speak on the topic ‘The Star of Bethlehem’


Norwich - Broken Brains and Christ

Rev Dr Alasdair Coles joins the Norwich group to speak on Broken Brains and Christ


Surrey - Who's to blame? Disasters, Nature & Acts of God

Prof Bob White (University of Cambridge, The Faraday Institute) joins the Surrey group to speak on the topic ‘Who’s to Blame? Disasters, Nature & Acts of God’

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