About CiS

CiS is an international network of those concerned with the relationship between science and Christian faith, open to scientists, teachers, students and all those with an interest in this dialogue.

Although CiS is primarily a professional group, aimed at those working in science, a significant proportion of our members are not scientists, and we are happy to welcome into membership anyone with an interest in science and faith.

To learn more, you can look at our aims which are reflected in our activities and guided by our statement of faith. Our ongoing work for the next few years is outlined in the overview of the new grant.

Why Christians in Science?

The common misperception that there is always conflict between science and faith can be abused by those with anti-Christian or anti-science agendas. In reality science has always been the domain of many committed Christians such as the astronomer Johannes Kepler who dedicated one of his papers with a prayer, saying I have here completed the work of my calling, with as much intellectual strength as you have granted me. This same attitude is shared by many Christians who work in science today. CiS exists to support such Christians and their aims.

Who are we?

Among our 1000+ members are scientists engaged in research & development, science lecturers, teachers, administrators in university, school or industry, science writers, philosophers, theologians and others who have an interest in the relationship between science and Christian faith. Members include highly distinguished senior scientists, bench scientists, students and school pupils.

CiS is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and has close links with UCCF.